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Hello! I’m Tahirih, a teacher, musician, and strong believer that we can grow in every age of life. I’m dedicated to bringing joy and progress in your musical journey.

As a teacher, I’ve had many experiences from all ages and backgrounds and learned that every student is unique with different life experiences and goals.

Enjoy your musical journey.

Your later-in-life musical experience might have come from a long wish to play an instrument, finding a new hobby, or something else entirely. In our first lesson, I get to learn about you. What is it you’re looking for and what we can do to bring you closer to your goals. Have you always wanted to join a band or play in a small group but feel that your rhythm is holding you back? Are you wishing you could play more difficult music? Are you looking to find out if you like playing music or want to overcome a terrible musical past? I will listen to what you are looking for and how we can bring you closer to your goals.

I offer music classes for parent and child. As a mother I believe in the power of music in the life of a child, especially when the music is made in the child’s family. Enjoy a musical experience with your child that can serve as inspiration for musical adventures in the home with your child.

In my own life, I have discovered, lost and rediscovered music. Music has given me confidence, allowed me to celebrate life, given me more and deeper connections, and much more than I can write here. Because of how much music has been a gift in my life, I would like to help and be part of your musical path. Looking forward to speaking and making music with you. You can reach out to me at:

Tahirih Lopez-Kochesser

Best wishes on your musical and life journey.


2022 – presentElementary Music Pedogogy Program from the Tirol Landes Conservatorium
2021 – 2022Kindergarten Assistant Program from the organization: Kindergarten Assistäntin Ausbildung von Dachverband Selbstorganisierte Kinderbetreuung Tirol
2019 – 2020Wifi Deutschkurse (ÖSD-B1 im Mai 2020 bestanden)
2004 – 2009State University of New York Potsdam, NY, USA, B.A. in Musik, Magna Cum Laude; Equivalent in Austria: Bachelor’s degree in instrumental (voice) pedagogy


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Tahirih Lopez-Kochesser
6020 Innsbruck